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  1. Agile Planning Tips
  2. Agile System Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
  3. Ambysoft Inc. Coding Standards for Java
  4. The "Broken Iron Triangle" Anti-Pattern
  5. The "Change Prevention" Anti-Pattern
  6. Class Type Architecture for Layering Your Application
  7. Coding Guidelines
  8. The COVID Conspiracy: Follow the Money
  9. CRC Modeling: Bridging the Communication Gap Between Users and Developers
  10. Design of a Persistence Layer
  11. Examining the Agile Manifesto
  12. Full Lifecycle Object-Oriented Testing (FLOOT) Methodology
  13. Innersource: Applying Open Source Strategies to Internal Software Development
  14. The Longevity of IT Skills
  15. Introduction To Process Patterns
  16. Process Patterns Resource Page
  17. Project Status Reporting: Green Shifting
  18. Quality in an Agile World
  19. Strategies for Effective Training and Education (T&E) in I.T.
  20. System Deployment Tips and Techniques
  21. Team Member Rights and Responsibilities
  22. Types of Reuse in Information Technology
  23. User Interface Design Tips, Techniques, and Principles
  24. User Interface Prototyping Tips and Techniques
  25. Why Agile Software Development Techniques Work: Improved Feedback

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