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About Scott Ambler’s Original Site

This site,, is my original website.  It is still updated with new writings about software development strategies.


The History of

  • September 1996: I first built this web site to market my consulting services and my writings. Over time the web site grew and became more and more complex, in part because I didn’t put together a plan for the site and also because I was experimenting with the technology. Tech comment: Used Microsoft Frontpage 1.0 to build the initial site.
  • June 1997: I released version 2 of this site, it’s purpose to market my services as an independent consultant in object technology and to continue to market my writings.
  • June 1999: Version 3 reflected the fact that I had co-founded Ronin International, Inc. as a senior consultant. Tech comment: Abandoned Frontpage in favor of Visual SlickEdit.
  • December 2004: Version 4 uses my new look and feel by introducing logos for myself, the company, and the various methodologies such as Agile Modeling. The original logos were filled in triangles pointing North East.
  • August 2005: For version 5 I punched up the menus a bit, introduced a style sheet for improved look and feel.
  • August 2012: Introduced new logos for all my sites in preparation for my new company, Scott Ambler + Associates (SA+A). Logos have no fill and now point East. I guess this is now “Version 6” although I’ve been evolving the site for a long time now.
  • January 2018 (v7): Updated the look and feel again to make it a bit cleaner. Updated the site to reflect the fact that SA+A evolved to Disciplined Agile, Inc. (DAI). Tech comments: A few years ago I ported the code to CoffeeCup. With this release I finished stripping out the remaining cruft inserted by Frontpage years ago.
  • April 2020 (v8): Reworked this site to reflect the fact that DAI was purchased by PMI in August 2019.
  • April 2023 (v9). Moved some content to and migrated remaining materials to WordPress so as to provide a better user interface and make it easier to evolve the site.


The Design of

The over-riding goal of this web site is KISSKeep ISimple, Stupid. I really dislike it when I have to sit and wait for a fancy graphic to be transmitted down the wire to me. Like many of you I’m on the net for the content, not the fluff, so I intend to keep this web site as simple as possible. There’s lots of good information here.

I also decided to keep the color scheme simple: A white background with dark text (black, red, blue) output on it. This is an example of what I call the “contrast rule” in The Object Primer — Use dark text on a light background or light text on a dark background. The greater the contrast between the text color and the background color the easier it is to read.


About Ambysoft Inc.

Ambysoft Inc. is a Canadian company incorporated within the Province of Ontario.  Ambysoft Inc. operates and maintains five websites:

  • – Overviews the Agile Data method, which describes proven agile and lean strategies for data initiatives..
  • – Overviews the Agile Modeling method, which describes proven and effective strategies for modeling/mapping and documentation..
  • – This site, focusing on topics in software development.
  • – Overviews the EUP, which focused on agile strategies for IT departments.
  • – My blog, with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and topics that don’t fit well into my other sites.