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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Initiative Readiness Assessment: Free Download

You want to jump into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), you’re excited, your colleagues are excited, and your executives want AI yesterday.  But are you really ready to proceed?  Will you be successful, or will your initiative be one more of the growing multitude of failed AI projects? One way to gain insight is to invest a bit of time taking an AI readiness assessment.

I’ve developed a spreadsheet to help you determine how ready you really are to embark on an AI initiative. I’m making this assessment spreadsheet completely free to use.


Scoring Your Readiness to Embark on an AI Project

You answer about 30 questions on a scale of 1 to 5 in seven success factors. As you can see, for each question there are suggested values for what scores of 1, 3, and 5 mean to guide how you answer.

AI Project Readiness Assessment Questions


Based on your answers you’re given a straightforward assessment of your readiness.Your overall score is calculated for each success factor (see below) as an average of the answers you provide to each question associated with that success factor.  I’m likely to tune these calculations in the future, so stay tuned.  The resulting scores are also summarized in the form of a radar chart, as you can see.

AI Project/Initiative Readiness Assessment Radar Chart


AI Readiness Assessment Success Factors

The readiness assessment looks at seven critical success factors (CSFs):

  1. Leadership. Do your leaders understand AI and its implications? Are they capable of supporting your AI initiative?
  2. Ethics. Have you considered the ethical implications of what you intend to do and will you act accordingly?
  3. Business stakeholders. Do your business stakeholders understand AI and its implications and are they willing to be actively involved in your initiative?
  4. Data. Do you understand what data you require and is its quality sufficient for your needs? If not, do you have a viable strategy to address your data challenges?
  5. Team building. Are you able to build a diverse and cross-functional team made up of dedicated team members?
  6. Team members. Do you have sufficient AI, data, customer experience (CX), software development skills, and domain knowledge across your team members?
  7. Ways of working (WoW). Have you identified a viable WoW for your team which reflects the realities of AI/machine learning (ML) initiatives?


AI Readiness Assessment Download

Click here to download the AI Readiness Assessment (30K Excel Spreadsheet).

Current version: 2023-08-01


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In short, I help organizations to succeed at software development. I do this by sharing my experiences and my ideas about how to be successful at software development and enterprise data. I will help you to understand and improve upon both your ways of working (WoW) and your ways of thinking (WoT), particularly around the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and agile data methods. You can learn more about what I do here.

If you are about to embark on an AI project, in particular an AI proof of concept project, and would like the advice of an unbiased outsider, you should consider reaching out to see if I’m currently available. In the meantime, you may find my artificial intelligence blog postings insightful.