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The COVID Conspiracy: Follow the Money

Since March 2020 we’ve been told to wear masks, get vaccinated, stay home, and many more things in the name of protecting us from COVID. Some people have suggested that is simply a conspiracy by “Big Pharma” to sell us unnecessary vaccinations and thereby reap billions in profits. It’s time we took a hard look at this claim.

In this article I examine several critical questions:

  1. Who is in on the COVID Conspiracy?
  2. Why are they in on it?
  3. How Big is the Payout for the COVID Conspiracy?
  4. How Far Does the COVID Conspiracy Go?
  5. How Much Does Everyone Make?
  6. What Can We Conclude?


Who is in on the COVID Conspiracy?

For this conspiracy to work, there are several groups of people who need to be working together:

  1. Pharmaceutical companies. Henceforth referred to as pharmas, these are the companies that make the vaccines.
  2. Medical researchers. These are the people telling us that there is a pandemic.
  3. Doctors. They’re the ones giving people shots.
  4. Nurses. Also giving poeple shots.
  5. Pharmacists. In many countries pharmacists are administering vaccinations. In fact I received one of my shots from a pharmacist.
  6. Politicians. They run the 195 countries currently in the world.
  7. Police. Police forces around the world, at various levels, are all looking the other way.
  8. Press. These people should be investigating this but clearly they’re not.


Why are they in on it?

Money. Power. Really, you have to ask?

Don’t worry, we run the numbers next.


How Big is the Payout for the COVID Conspiracy?

Billion of dollars! Billions!

Let’s look at some key numbers to estimate how much money we’re talking about:

  • Pfizer net revenue (profit) in 2021 was $22B for the entire organization, not just for their COVID-related products. This $22B was from $81.3B in revenue, for a profit margin of 27%. Revenue from Comirnaty and Paxlovid, their COVID products, was $36.9B. Assuming consistent profit margins, the Pfizer’s overall profit from COVID products in 2021 is about $9.96B.
  • As of March 2022, 10.9 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccinations have been administered.
  • In March 2022, Pfizer has about 66% of the EU and US share of vaccinations.

It’s hard to get exact numbers of the actual profits as the pharmas don’t split out the revenue and profit of each of their products. So we need to guess.

Looking at the data we have about Pfizer, let’s guesstimate the overall market size:

  1. Pfizer made $10B in profit in 2021 (see above)
  2. Pfizer has 66% of the EU/US market, which are the most profitable regions. BUT, let’s assume they only have about 1/3 of the world market.
  3. Given this, our guess is that world wide profits from COVID vaccinations in 2021 was about $30 Billion ($10B/.33).


$30 Billion in profits in 2021 alone!.



How Far Does the COVID Conspiracy Go?

Needless to say, this conspiracy goes both deep and wide. In the following table we provide estimates, and the sources for those estimates, for the number of people involved. In each case we take the most conservative (low) guess possible because we will assume that not everyone is in on the conspiracy.

Group Estimated Size (in People) Notes
Pharmaceutical companies 50,000 5 million people are estimated to be employed by the Pharma industry worldwide. Let’s assume only 1% of their staff are in on this conspiracy.
Medical researchers 10,000 This is a guess. Compared with the number of doctors and nurses that we need to be in on this, this number doesn’t matter much.
Doctors 10,000,000 The WHO estimates there are between 10 and 15 million doctors worldwide. Let’s be conservative and use 10M as our number.
Nurses 20,000,000 There are roughly two nurses for each doctor worldwide.
Pharmacists 650,000 The WHO estimates (see above) that there are 2.6 million pharmacists in the world. Let’s be conservative and assume that only 1/4 of them are involved with giving vaccinations.
Politicians 1,000 This is a guess. Let’s assume you could buy off senior leaders, and they would keep the underlings quiet.
Police 1,000 This is a guess. Let’s assume you’d only need to buy off senior officers, then they would prevent any investigations from there.
Press 1,000 This is a guess. This number is likely very low, but once again, consider the number of doctors and nurses involved.
Total: 30,713,000 30.7 million people, mostly doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, need to be in on this conspiracy.

30.7 million. This is where it all falls apart. How do you keep that many people quiet, around the world, for years? Perhaps with $30,000,000,000 a year?


How Much Does Everyone Make?

In 2021 we estimated that there was a $30B profit made on the COVID vaccinations. Let’s assume that the pharmas are very generous and spend half of that money on bribes to keep everyone quiet, giving us a pool of $15B to spread out amongst 30.7 million people. So on average, each person was paid about $500 in 2021. Even if the pharmas had spent all of their profits on bribes, and why would they do that?, it still would have been only $1000 per person.

AND, 30.7 million payments would have needed to be made via some sort of untraceable manner. Cash? Bitcoin? The logistics are astounding. Then again, if the politicians and police are paid off perhaps that isn’t an issue afterall. Although you would need to keep all of them paid off, and happy, forever.



For there to be a conspiracy to force people to take unnecessary COVID-19 vaccinations, dozens of competing pharmas needed to bribe over 30 million people worldwide an average of $500 each. In other words, millions of professionals, all of whom went to school for years to get to where they are, would have been willing to risk their jobs, and potentially gone to jail, for chump change. And, to earn that chump change, they had to trust that none of the 30 million other people on it would sell everyone else out.


Only a complete moron would think there was a conspiracy to promote unnecessary COVID vaccinations.


Vaccinations are a primary strategy in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Get your shot and chances are that you:


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